Series of new parking lots open this semester

February 2, 2013

By Johnny Bransford

The lot pictured above is staff-only, for now.

The lot pictured above is staff-only, for now.

Parking is never something any student looks forward to upon arriving at school, but this semester is a little different. With several new lots opened up, parking is becoming less of a hassle.

More than 100 spots have been opened, ranging from Lot 17 on Laurel and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, to Lot 4 by the new SMN building. With construction recently being completed, Lot 9 has increased its parking by numerous spots as well. Staff and handicap parking has increased in Lot 16 and Lot 3.

Students that commute to COM are definitely happier about the new parking scene. First year student Lamarco Mitchell said, “It’s cool they’ve finally opened some more parking. It was really aggravating having to circle in loops or go lot to lot.” With a new lot and increased spots in other  lots, students are having less problems finding parking.

Construction has been the main issue blocking students and staff from having the ability to park in the lots closest to campus. Many of the students may be happy about the new lot, but it’s the staff members that gained the most access to new parking.  Chief of Police Mitchell Lemay said, “The parking is both for students and staff obviously, but a good majority of the new spots are for the staff.”

With that being said, there are still many available spots for students. Parking permits remained at $40 this semester, with a discount for financial aid students.


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