Articles for the final issue are up

This month’s articles will the the last for the semester. The Echo Times has produced a 16-page issue which is out on stands as of Monday, May 13. Included are several student feature stories, such as former COM alumni Terry Bozzio (now ranked #5 on Rolling Stone’s list of all-time greatest drummers), part two of our story on Iraq War veteran Jake Velloza, and the personal journeys of some of our student writers.

Don’t miss our news stories of the ASCOM election results, Q&A with COM president David Wain Coon, upcoming summer classes, and faculty member Oak Downing (under the “Features>Faculty” tab). There is also a Baseball update on the COM Mariners.

Lastly, there are new A&E articles up for COM’s production of “I Hate Hamlet,” and for the “Private Road Paintings” exhibit.

Thank you for following us this semester. We’ll see you in the Fall!


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