Incumbents re-elected, newcomer wins seat on Board of Trustees

By R.J. Heckelman and Andrew Lino

brady-bevisRGB topaboutRGB RGBTreanor
From left to right: Brady Bevis, Diana Conti and Wanden Treanor

The Board of Trustees election wrapped up two weeks ago, with incumbent trustees Wanden Treanor and Diana Conti retaining their seats. The race between Barbara Dolan and newcomer Brady Bevis was tight, but in the end, Bevis pulled ahead with 21.3 percent of all tallied votes, compared to Dolan’s 20.5.

Previously, Bevis worked for the state Department of Labor, and before that, she practiced public interest law for 10 years. She also served on the Marin County Board of Supervisors after an election in 1990. After serving a successful term, she left politics temporarily to focus on starting the Bay Area Multimedia Partnership, or BAMP, at the request of the Bay Area Economic Forum. BAMP was a public-private partnership that operated between 1997 and 2000, designed to coordinate the Bay Area’s private industry leaders with the local schools and community colleges in order to better prepare prospective students for employment in the emerging digital industry.

When asked about the results of the election, Bevis said, “I’m overjoyed that over 20,000 people voted for change at COM, and I will work hard to make COM a better place for students and faculty alike.”

She ousted trustee veteran of 25 years, Barbara Dolan, joining the College of Marin board of trustees. Bevis plans to unite the college with the community in order to provide better job opportunities within the local job market.

This will be the first new trustee on the board in over five years, and a welcome change to the college. Dolan was not available for comment.



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