Letters To The Editor

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2 thoughts on “Letters To The Editor

  1. Dear Echo Times: WOW! The last issue of the Echo Times [October 4] was quite amazing. The best I have even seen in 20-some years. I am pretty wordless… not because Crystal and I are featured in it, but truly this is so well done. I also really like the “Full-Time Mom, Full-Time Student,” Rachel Mouton’s self-portrait.
    I see the efforts devoted by the team, Sophia, Shirley, Sindy, and the rest of the Echo Times staff. The stories about Crystal and I [“Almost Miss America” and “Miss California’s inspiration”] go quite in-depth and truly reflect the insights and the long journey of Miss California and our family. And [your last issue] featured two moms’ different journeys! It embedded the journalists’ social responsibilities to carry on the righteous messages about human relationships – integrity, trust and respect. Thank you for contacting the Miss America Organization. Those photos are stunning! I love how the many parties were contacted and their quotes included in the articles. It blended in so seamlessly.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity to spread the word, and help Crystal carry out her mission in such an exquisite and generous fashion!

    – Wendy Lee, System Support Technician, Information Technology Department, Kentfield Campus

  2. Dear Echo Times: I just read your article – and I am extremely impressed, honored, and humbled that you were able to weave my story into a fantastic, accurate, well-written piece. I really appreciate your hard work and I’ll be proud to give my family and friends copies in the next few days.
    Way to go! You rock.

    – Crystal Lee, Miss California
    First runner-up Miss America Pageant

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